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ECM features


Store your digital documents: invoices, scans, contracts, reports, etc.


Create your workspaces and their folders with the tree structure that suits you.


As soon as they are added your documents are indexed in a powerful search.


At any time consult your documents - adapts to all common formats.


Create your documents and folders and edit them online, directly in Pristy.


Share your spaces, folders and documents with your team members

Pristy's pluses

Pristy wants to be an easy-to-use ECM that allows simultaneous editing. All online, with easy-to-use features.

Simultaneous editing online with Collabora Online

You can edit your documents online: text files, workbooks, presentations, drawings, etc. Pristy integrates Collabora Online which is one of the main contributors to Libre Office. They power Libre Office online. Although based on Libre Office, Collabora is compatible with standard document formats (such as .xlsx, .docx, .pptx, etc.). Layouts are preserved and documents can also be opened after downloading in your usual software.

Team sharing: control who has access to documents

Give gradual access to your documents to all members of your team, define their role (manager, editor, reader) according to the documents and their positions.

Manage the versions of your documents

You can add a new version of a document or revert to a previous version.

Publish a document, an image or a video

Share in public, by link, a document in any format. You can limit the sharing in time. You want to see it in action? Check out our documentation, all shared media are shared from Pristy.

Automatic save

The changes you make when editing your documents are automatic. No need to think about saving. No need to worry about closing the page by mistake or what would happen in case of power failure.

Bookmark management

Save your workspaces in your favorites, but also your most frequently consulted documents, those you need to act on, or any other use you make of your favorites.

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