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Pristy integrates the Collabora Online office suite with Alfresco’s EDM (electronic document management) and creates a French and free software alternative to Microsoft 365 and Google Drive. Your documents are accessible from your browser in an easy to use interface that is accessible to everyone.

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Pristy Espaces includes Collabora Online

Pristy Espaces has been enriched and now includes Collabora Online! Edit your documents online and simultaneously with your colleagues.

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For whom?

Pristy is optimised for the needs of information services (IS) of local authorities and companies. The interface is easy to use, accessible to all users, whether they are experienced or beginners. A full documentation, explains everything step by step if needed. In French for the time being.

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By whom?

Pristy is a solution proposed by Jeci, a digital company that promotes open source values. It is a software that integrates together two open source software Collabora Online and Alfresco Community for which we have had a software expertise for more than 10 years!

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EDM ? What is it?

Electronic document management (EDM) refers to computer software for organising and managing information in the form of electronic documents within an organisation. Pristy does this and much more as it integrates an online office suite, to simplify the editing of documents. The most famous EDMs are Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive (Microsoft 365).

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What else does Pristy offer?

Unlike “mass market” EDMs, Pristy is hosted and developed in France: your data is secure and is protected by French and European law. You are free to stop Pristy and to recover all your data (reversibility, open source). Moreover, your versions and your recycle bin are saved without time limit.

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Pristy Guarantees

Based on Alfresco Community

Alfresco is the leading DMS in the open source world.

Online Publishing With Collabora Online

Collabora Online Support in Partnership with Collabora Productivity.

Hosted in France by OVHcloud

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Each instance is on a dedicated server.

Free Software

Pristy is 100% free software, so you are free to leave with your data and set up a server at home.

A La Carte Options

A fairer cost: subscribe only to the options you need.


The service is available 24/7.


Daily backup of data to another data center.


Massive document repository.

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