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New version 24.0 availabke !

Version 24.0

First semester 2024

Lots of new features in this new version of Pristy!

Dark theme, permissions management, new interface for Pristy Acts, integration of Collabora Online 24.04 and above all a new application Pristy Audit Trail !

Full Release note

The Pristy suite now includes 2 new applications

New in 2024 !

Over the last few months, the Jeci team has developed two new applications!

  • Pristy Marché : integrate your public procurement contracts into your EDM with a dedicated interface and interconnection to your business application.
  • Pristy Audit Trail : trace actions on your EDM and find analytical boards to spot security loopholes, get proof of use, etc.

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Visuel Pristy Marches New Visuel Pristy Audit Trail

With Pristy document management is simplified

Exclusive features

Collabora Online included

Online & simultaneous editing

We are a partner of the Collabora Online office suite. Collabora is one of the largest contributors to Libre Office. Collabora Online is the integration of Libre Office online. We have created a module to integrate Collabora Online into Alfresco Community. To give our electronic document management (EDM) the ability to edit documents online and simultaneously!


Optical Character Recognition

Includes automatic OCR functionality

This feature recognises the characters in a scanned document, and indexes and integrates its content into the search.


And much more!

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Folder search, favourites menu, space view at a glance, link sharing, etc.


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