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Pristy is based on free and open source software, here is the complete list.

What is open source software?

An open source software is a software whose source code can be consulted. This makes it possible to know (for an insider of course) if the code is clean and ethical or if it contains flaws or retrieves data from its users.

However, this does not give you the freedom to use the code yourself.

It’s like buying a cake and being able to read the ingredients to see if you’re allergic to any of them. You know what’s in the biscuit, but you don’t know the recipe and you’re not necessarily allowed to replicate it.

What is free software?

Free (libre) software gives you the freedom to use software for any purpose: to study how it works from the source code and to copy, redistribute and modify it.

If we take the analogy of a cake, it allows us to know the recipe of the cake and thus to be able to reproduce it, sell it or change an ingredient but also reproduce this new version and sell it.

What is free and open source software?

As you will have understood, open source software does not mean that you have the freedom to use the source code.

Free software often implies that its source code is available. However, in some cases, the source code can be released under the condition that the product is purchased.

Free software does not mean free

“Free software” does not mean “non-commercial software”. On the contrary, a free program must be usable, developable and distributable in a commercial context. This rule is of paramount importance. Without it, free software could not achieve its goal.

What is free software - GNU

The most famous free softwares

The most famous free software is probably Wikipedia. But you’ve probably heard of these too:

  • Linux (GNU) - Free operating system that can replace Windows or MacOS
  • Libre Office - An office suite that can replace Microsoft Office
  • Firefox - Web browser that can replace Google Chrome, Safari or Microsoft Edge
  • GIMP - Photo editing software that can replace Adobe Photoshop

We hope to add Pristy to this list one day!


Free does not mean copyright free. There are different free software licenses.

You can find a complete list on the GNU website.

Pristy’s code

Pristy is getting a makeover: we are developing three interfaces, one of which will eventually replace Alfresco App Content.

The code (AGPL) is available on, don’t hesitate to participate to the development of Pristy!

Software used by Pristy, license, and source code

Lists of software used by Pristy and Jeci.

Transparency point: as you can read on the About us page, Pristy is developed by Jeci a small company with a small team. We haven’t had time to release all the source codes yet, but we are working on it. Rather than not talking about it or posting it we prefer to be transparent. In the meantime, you can request the missing source codes by email. Come back regularly as we update this list frequently.

Jeci / Pristy Solution

Software name Link to the source code Licence
Alfresco Collabora Online MPL-2.0 License
Stats Alfresco on Database Apache-2.0
Object Storage Connectors for Alfresco LPGLv3
Alfresco Kafka Integration To be confirmed
Alfresco Kafka OCR On demande at LPGLv3
Extension Send Mail LPGLv3
Pristy User Documentation GNU Free Documentation License
Pristy - Authentication HMac On demande at LPGLv3
Pristy – Create User Cloud LPGLv3
Alfresco EML to PDF Transformer Engine On demande at LPGLv3
Alfresco Transformer from Dxf to PDF On demande at LPGLv3

Alfresco Community Solution

Software name Link to the source code Licence
Alfresco Content Services Community Packaging Apache-2.0
Alfresco Community LPGLv3
Alfresco Share LPGLv3
Alfresco Content Application LPGLv3
Alfresco ActiveMQ docker image Apache-2.0
Alfresco JODConverter Apache-2.0 / LPGLv3
Alfresco JavaScript API Client Apache-2.0
Alfresco Module Management Tool LPGLv3
Alfresco SDK Apache-2.0
Alfresco SSL Generator LPGLv3
Alfresco Support Tools LPGLv3
Alfresco Transform Core LPGLv3
Alfresco Trashcan Cleaner Module LPGLv3
Alfresco REST API Explorer Apache-2.0
Alfresco Search Services LPGLv3
Surf Web Scripts Apache-2.0

Collabora Online Solution

Software name Link to the source code Licence
Collabora Online Apache-2.0
Alfresco Collabora Online MPL-2.0 License

Other softwares used by Pristy

Software name Link to the source code Licence
Apache Solr Apache-2.0
ZooKeeper Apache-2.0
Hugo Apache-2.0
Bigspring Light MIT License
Ansible GPL-3.0
Ansible Runner Apache License
Ansible Role: Pip (for Python) MIT License
Ansible Role: Docker MIT License
Ansible Role: Swap MIT License
Ansible Role: EPEL Repository MIT License
Cabot MIT License
Nginx See the licensing policy
Oauth2-proxy MIT License
PostgreSQL;a=summary PostgreSQL
Syncthing MPL-2.0 License
Sonatype Nexus Repository Open Source Codebase EPL-1.0 License
Gitlab MIT Expat license
Centos See the licensing policy
MkDocs See the licensing policy
Kafka Apache-2.0
OCRmyPDF MPL-2.0 License
Tesseract OCR Apache-2.0
Email to PDF Converter Apache-2.0
Netdata GPL-3.0
Docker Apache-2.0
Harbor Apache-2.0
Angular MIT License
Cerbot Apache-2.0

Other softawares used by Jeci (non-exhaustive)

Software name Link to the source code Licence
Jbake MIT License
Jitsi Meet Apache-2.0