Discover the origins of Pristy.Our Story

Why an EDM? Why the name? Find out who Pristy is.

The birth of Pristy

Pristy is born out of a need by Jeci to store and edit its documents in a document system that was neither hosted on US servers nor complex to use.

With over 10 years of expertise in Alfresco’s Electronic Document Management software, the team first sought to integrate the Collabora Online office suite (based on Libre Office). Then, we wanted to simplify the human-machine interface and that’s how the idea of Pristy was born.

Using our knowledge of other technologies, we were able to add features and options to Pristy, and we have many ideas to make it even better.

Of course we are working only with free software and on French servers - hosted - in SaaS, at OVH.

The team behind the cat screen

Pristy is an idea developed by the French company Jeci, which consists of a team of six people, including five employees. Jeci is not only working on Pristy, but it is now a central project of the company.

Pristy is the name of a real cat!

Pristy is a real cat, she was born in 2009 and has a brother named Jackson. You can find her picture on the edges of this page and notice that the logo is not quite her image!

It is also a French pun (saying “Chat Pristy” sound almost la saying the word “sapristi” it can be loosely translated by “by Jove”).

For whom?

It is important to note that Pristy is a product designed for professionals (VSEs, SMEs, local authorities, etc.) and not for use in private homes or families. However, if you are in this situation, there is nothing to stop you from subscribing to Pristy, but you will have to pay the posted rate (plus VAT).

If you are a French local authority (region, department, municipality, city, SDIS, CCI, ministries, etc.) Pristy has been designed for you! We have installed or upgraded Alfresco in various local authorities. We aim to offer free, simple and sovereign software to all those who manage French citizens’ data. For local authorities and associations under the 1901 law, there are non-profit pack pricing - turnkey.