The upcoming Pristy features at a glance!

What’s to come? (roadmap)

Last updated in august 2022

Presentation at the OSXP on the 8th & 9th of November
Pristy Spaces | Pristy Portal
  • Stable release - first stable release of the application with:
    • New interface in .js view
    • Online editing with Collabora Online
    • Bookmark management

Pristy Spaces | Pristy Portal
  • Stable version** - improvements :
    • Advanced search page
    • Advanced and basket sharing management
    • Version management with mirroring
    • User management
    • Profile and preference page

Pristy Media
  • Beta version
Pristy Spaces | Pristy Portal
  • Simple workflows
  • Sharing with users/readers

Pristy Spaces | Pristy Portal
  • Electronic signature
Pristy Media
  • Stable version** - first stable version of the application
Pristy new business application

We have several ideas, you need a DMS and none of them are adapted to your sector? Please contact us

Ideas : Pristy Commercial, Pristy Contracts (for the legal profession), Pristy Training, etc.

*Dates and features are indicative and subject to change according to customer orders.