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Discover Pristy’s automatic OCR functionality: character scanning and search indexing!

OCR: what does it mean?

OCR is the abbreviation of optical character recognition.

This functionality enables the recognition of characters in a scanned document, and to index and integrate its content into the search.

Use case

  • Reduce typing errors: you can copy/paste your file references, the e-mail address of your contact person, or the reference article of your contract.
  • Find a scanned document in record time: a word existing in the document’s content allows you to find it through the search. No need to open all your documents to find the one you need to answer your last email of the day, or to answer your telephone contact on a contract technicality.
  • If you’re going from paper to digital, take advantage of the bulk file import to add all your scanned files and have it OCRed in the blink of an eye.

Automatic OCR: the functionality in pictures

In this video discover how easy this feature is to use: drop your file, wait a minute, refresh your page and hop your document is converted and indexed.

This feature is one of Pristy’s paid options - see the pricing page for more information.

Are you a non-profit? This option is included in the non-profit packs.

To try this option ask us for a demo!