Pristy PortailPortail

Pristy’s front door which allows access, preference and profile management.

Pristy Portail is an application under development (beta version).

Pristy Portail is the application that simplifies the administration of Pristy users. It also allows users to manage their profiles, recycle bin and data.

Portail, as the name suggests, is the gateway to the applications. With Pristy Portail, user management is done in one place for all our applications (current and future!).

We are developing a modern and user-friendly interface.

As of November 7, 2022, Pristy Portail exclusively includes the user basket.

The user management page is expected in early 2023. The profile page is planned for the same time!

How do I get Pristy Espaces?

Pristy is available now, go to our pricing page to know more.

Pristy Portail is included with the purchase of Pristy Acts and Pristy Espaces (solo or together).

Pristy Portail can also be purchased alone.

Request a quote now and take advantage of a beneficial price and the possibility to give your opinion on future features!