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Pristy from application to application suite

Pristy began as an Alfresco Community-based electronic document management software. Offering the Alfresco Content App (ACA) interface, with functional enhancements, such as the integration of Collabora Online (online office suite).

Its primary goal is to offer companies and local authorities an alternative to American drive solutions.

We had lots of ideas for evolution but we were limited by a complex framework. In April 2022, we tested a new technology and started to propose a new interface to Pristy.

Our test then became our first business application: Pristy Actes. This application was developed for local authorities and its beta version was presented at the Adullact Congress. Its stable version is available since September 2022 and an update has just been released: time stamping on publication.

In parallel to this application, we have started the development of two other applications: Pristy Espaces and Pristy Portail. These are the cornerstones of Pristy. The basis that will allow us to develop applications for each business that needs them. A first version was presented at the Open Source Experience (OSXP).