Release of Pristy 23.1Pristy 23.1

The second release of 2023 is here! Discover the new features of Pristy Espaces and Pristy Actes in version 23.1 of Pristy.


by Lucie Lesage, published on Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Pristy 23.1 is out !

The second release of 2023 is here!

What’s new with Pristy?

Pristy Espaces has been enriched with new key functions: metadata display, advanced search, version management and a shortcut zone to make you even more productive. Pristy Actes has a new public viewing interface. While Pristy Portail has been enhanced with integration of the OIDC with Keycloak and LemonLDAP.

We will shortly be announcing the release of Pristy Marché: a new business application for local authorities developed in partnership with and sponsored by the département du Gard

Les nouvelles fonctionnalités de cette version :

Pristy 23.1 includes two stable applications Pristy Espaces 1.5.1 et Pristy Actes 1.5.0 as well as a simplified version 0.10.1 of Pristy Portail.

Find the Pristy code on our GitLab.

Pristy Espaces 1.5.1

Your latest documents are just a click away

Pick up where you left off. Quickly find recently opened documents and folders in a workspace in the shortcut zone!

Version management

Keep track of the latest changes. With Pristy, you can easily consult and quickly restore old versions of your documents.

Details and metadata panel

At a glance, you can find the metadata for the item you are viewing. You can choose which metadata to display and which not, using the fold-out panel. Of course, the metadata displayed differs depending on the type of file being viewed.

You can now add filters to your searches based on general or personalised metadata! This feature is in addition to the location-based search, so it’s always easier to find the documents you need.

Your documents don’t leave your EDM, share a link to your document with your collaborators external to Pristy. From the shared link, the recipient can adapt their view and, of course, download the shared document!

Send mail

Share your documents without ever leaving your EDM. You can send an e-mail from Pristy: generate a sharing link and send it using the “Send by mail” function.

Pristy Actes 1.1.0

New consultation view

In partnership with the Mairie de Roquemaure, we have developed a new interface for viewing administrative acts. This new viewer allows you to classify documents in the areas of your choice: by profession, by type of document, etc.

An area with a session will be displayed with a filter for each session, to make it more readable for the constituent. An area without session groups together all the procedures in the area and can be filtered.

The search is enhanced and allows you to filter terms to find all the records of a subject more easily.

Pristy Portail 0.10.1

Keycloak authentication

Thanks to the support of Coopaname, Pristy Portail can now integrate a OIDC connection with Keycloak and LemonLDAP.

But also…

This is a non-exhaustive list of Pristy’s available features we could also mention:

**See our release notes for a full list of features and fixes **.

Version 24.0 is on its way

This is what we are actively preparing:

  • Creating a document from a template (stable version)
  • Pristy Market (stable version)
  • Upload overhaul
  • Simple workflow: give your document a status
  • Kanban view
  • Media view
  • Archive folder
  • and so on.

Check our roadmap to follow the development of Pristy.